High Performance Driving School

     Whether you are high a performance boater for pleasure or pursuing competitive goals, Bruce Bullock's expert advice is available. He is globally expanding the Eliminator unlimited class. He is currently setting up a dealership in Dubai. His mission statement is “ to make his customers as happy and at the same time safe at the speed they want to go." He is ready to coach a team and drives the boats himself if requested.Learn how to be part of an exciting team. Call us today and get a free quote.

Posted On Fri October 05th 2018

MTI Dealer Broker

What sets Bruce Bullock apart from others is his promise to service any customer anywhere in the world. He promises his expertise and support from his experience with MTI and Mercury Racing. Presently he is serving clients internationally in Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Dubai and Nigeria where a new team is forming.  

     Bruce Bullock specializes in speed -160 MPH Plus! A member of SPI the Super Boat International he aims to compete the prestigious Key West World Championship this November. Things are heating up for MTI (Marine Technical Incorporated.)

Posted On Fri October 05th 2018